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Cracking Gravity is writer, producer, and performer Chris Bintliff. An indie artist for more than a decade, first in Minneapolis and now in Madison Wisconsin, Chris has been the artist or producer behind a number of tracks that have reached radio rotation and local and national television placement. After an extended break following years of performing and promotion for a number of projects, Chris is back with his most exciting and ambitious project yet in Cracking Gravity.

With String Theory, the first album from Cracking Gravity, Chris set out simply to make the kind of pop he wanted to hear. The results are synth and harmony-driven tracks like Hello Hello, Alive, Oxygen, and Unkind that cue from 80s and 90s influences like Michael Jackson, Genesis and Prince, positioned side-by-side with organic cuts like How I Love You and String Theory, that draw from storytellers like James Taylor and Elton John. Yet, the music all share the same DNA - poignant songwriting, strong melodic structure, and textured sound. For fans of One Republic, Vertical Horizon, Jars of Clay, or No More Kings, Cracking Gravity will will have a place on your playlist.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's been a long long time...

Well, here we are. I'm about to pull the trigger on "launching" String Theory out into the wild wild world. It's been in a state of "pre-release" (which is like "pro-boarding" a plane maybe - nonsense which means it is, but kind of isn't) for a few weeks while the last bits and pieces have been sorting themselves out for distribution. Now, all systems are go.

It's been 9 years (almost to the day, in fact) since I last released a record. For a long time I thought maybe this part of my life was past-tense. I've been busy with a lot of other life, mostly grand and beautiful things, but I've been making music since before I understood I was making music. So to have that part of me in some state of flux was oddly surreal, and sometimes deeply troubling. An unexpected thing happened sometime in January, though, when I found myself again needing to hurry up and turn off the radio to get some melody or lyric or rhythm out of my head and into the ether where I could turn it and twist it and see what it was made of and if there was more. It turns out, there was. Soon my iPhone voice recorder was filling with quick snippets that would wake me up in the morning. I didn't set out to create a record when this started - I just set out to get those voices out of my head.

The song String Theory really captures what the record is about, then; flashes, glimpses of time, and places, and spaces. In here there is glossy pop, there is relaxed acoustic groove, there is me and a piano. In here there are songs that make my daughter dance around, and songs I sing her to sleep with. In here I talk about me, and I might even talk about you. Parallel lines, parallel lives.

Want to point out a few things - you can buy a digital or physical version of String Theory right here on the website (look up...). Or, hit the link above to go to iTunes, or search your favorite digital distributor (Rhapsody, Zune, Amazon, etc.) - if it's not there, it will be soon. Also, feel free to join the mailing list - there's exclusive music in it for you (starting with a piano-only version of Unkind), and I'll not abuse the privilege of your attention, I promise. Or, just use the player over on the left to stream the music all you like.

Thanks for listening. I hope you dig.

May 18th, 2010